Dolar vs rand fx graf


Obchodujte Australský dolar vs Česká koruna na Forexu. Získejte přístup k analytice, recenzím a online AUDCZK grafu od InstaForexu.

26 feb. 10 120-Historial diario del tipo de cambio de ZAR a USD Tipo de Cambio de la divisa en los últimos 30 días. El tipo de cambio de el Dólar contra el Rand sudafricano bajó -3,22% desde 15,15 a 14,67 Rand sudafricano por cada Dólar en los últimos 30 días. Con esta variación obtendrá hoy menos Rand sudafricano por la misma cantidad en Dólares que hace 30 días, periodo en que el Rand sudafricano se ha valorizado respecto a su valor en … Vidíte graf instrumentu Americký dolar / Jihoafrický rand. Graf instrumentu Americký dolar / Jihoafrický rand nemusíte aktualizovat, kotace se mění v reálném čase. Využijte kotace a graf ke sledování cenových pohybů instrumentu Americký dolar / Jihoafrický rand … Statický graf kurzu americký dolar / česká koruna (USD / CZK), vybraná historie. 3 měsíce: 1 rok: 2 roky: 5 let: max.

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View Data View historical exchange rates for the South African Rand against the Australian Dollar in a tabular format. Current Australian Dollar Exchange Rates If you trade forex then our US Dollar vs South African Rand (USD ZAR) chart is live and real time, which you can use to study technical analysis and trends in prices. This is classed as a minor forex pair at most brokers, but is used a lot by international business for monetary transactions. Learn more on Forex.. Form : To see comparison graph, fill in the following fields (at least one currency pair) and click Go! US Dollar vs ZAR (USDZAR) stock price, charts, trades & the US's most popular discussion forums. Free forex prices, toplists, indices and lots more. 09/01/2021 08:03:32 1-888-992-3836 Free Feb 10, 2021 · North American Edition.

Yesterday this currency exchange rate plummeted on -8.0E-5 and was $ 0.06686 US Dollars for R 1. On the last week currencies rate was cheaper for $-0.00153 USD. Last month ZAR:USD rate was on $0.0013 USD higher. Price for 1 South African Rand was 0.06824 US Dollar, so 100 South African Rand was worth 6.8238615973473 in United States Dollar.

Dolar vs rand fx graf

Rand (ZAR) / Dólar  TRADING FOREX ▻ GBP - Libra Esterlina vs ZAR Rand Sudafricano - CURSO Cambio forex EUR/ZAR de hoy: gráfico en línea, predicciones de mercado y  Gráfico dólar estadounidense - rand sudafricano Dólar estadounidense. ¿Qué pasa con el dólar que sube por las nubes en el mercado forex?

Trgovina Australijski dolar vs Južnoafrički rand na Foreku. Dobijte pristup analitikama, pregledima i online AUDZAR grafikonu od InstaForek-a.

USD to ZAR forecast for June 2021. In the beginning rate at 14.330 Rands. High exchange rate 14.330, low 13.692. That’s because I love the way you can use rands to invest in dollars on EasyEquities (we call that FX) and I am always answering questions about FX. EasyFX is an exciting feature on our platform to help us (yes, all of us including YOU!) invest offshore without having to go through a lengthy and expensive process. Rand dollar exchange rate page south african market insights rand breaches r18 60 to us dollar moneyweb dollar to rand exchange rate the reasons why zar is back from zimbabwean dollar wikipedia xe convert usd zar united states dollar to south africa rand rand breaches r18 60 to us dollar moneyweb.

Dolar vs rand fx graf

USD to ZAR forecast for April 2021.

26 ene. 10 ene. 25 feb. 09 120-Historial diario del tipo de cambio de USD a ZAR Current exchange rate US DOLLAR (USD) to SOUTH AFRICAN RAND (ZAR) including currency converter, buying & selling rate and historical conversion chart. View historical exchange rates for the South African Rand against the US Dollar in a tabular format.

In the beginning rate at 14.773 Rands. High exchange rate 14.773, low 14.115. The average for the month 14.498. The USD to ZAR forecast at the end of the month 14.330, change for May -3.0%. USD to ZAR forecast for June 2021.

Website. As an alert notification; To use this feature, make sure … 10-02-2021 Un dolar oficial a 140$ para principio de Octubre ( con impuesto a las ganancias). Y un obvio desdoblamiento de canal con máximo en 180$ para el dolar CCL a principios de Octubre. Se puede ver en el gráfico. Convert Canadian Dollars to South African Rands with a conversion calculator, or Canadian Dollars to Rands conversion tables. Compare money transfer services, compare exchange rates and commissions for sending money from Canada to South Africa.

If the USD/CAD currency pair is 1.33, that means it costs 1.33 Canadian dollars for 1 U.S. dollar. In USD/CAD, the first currency listed (USD) always stands for one unit Obchodujte Australský dolar vs Jihoafrický rand na Forexu.

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The Forex Forward Rates page contains links to all available forward rates for the selected currency.Get current price quote and chart data for any forward rate by clicking on the symbol name, or opening the "Links" column on the desired symbol.

Free real-time prices and charts South African Rand - US Dollar. 0.0654-0.0006 (-0.87%) As of: Jan 18 08:53 UTC Market: Open. Open.